Appendix Agreement Traduction

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On behalf of the co-publishers of the GDR, ALA Publishing signed an agreement in 2012 with ASTED (Association for the Advancement of Documentation Science and Technology) for the translation into the French language of GDR: Resource Description and Access. Based in Montreal, the publisher is responsible for the translation into French of the new cataloguing standard for print and digital resources in libraries and au-delé. ASTED is also authorized to publish and distribute the printed version of the French translation of the GDR worldwide. The French translation was released in the GDR Toolkit on May 14, 2013. ALA Publishing has entered into an agreement on the translation of GDR: Resource Description and Access with ASTED (Association for the Advancement of Documentation Science and Techniques) in French translation. The Montreal-based publisher is responsible for translating the French-language version of the new print and digital media catalogue standard in libraries and beyond. ASTED is also authorized for the publication and worldwide distribution of the printed version of the French translation of GDR. The French translation was available online in the GDR toolbox on May 14, 2013. April 2016 update: Appendix J / April 2016 Release: Appendix J Updated December 2017: annexes and glossary / December 2017 release: Annexes and glossary . Standard New York State Contract Appendix A, which is attached to Schedule A, is fully included in this agreement.

Adaptation projects are in accordance with Schedule III . A warning against undesirable measures (Annex A: EXHIBIT 16-4) is sent to the budget and a first notice of termination of housing allowances (Annex A: EXHIBIT 16-3) is sent to the owner. . Appendix A: Terms of reference Appendix B: Key Experts Appendix C: Estimates of compensation costs Appendix D: Retrocomptability Of Quote Appendix E: Form of advance guarantee In case of disagreement between documents, the following hierarchy applies: the special terms of the contract; Terms and conditions of the contract Appendix A; Appendix B; Appendix C and Appendix D; Appendix E.

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