Sanofi Settlement Agreement

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It is the newest system involving drug manufacturers who allegedly co-paid patients for their own drugs through supposedly independent charities. Last year, seven drug producers paid more than $624 million in related comparisons, according to the Department of Justice. The whistleblower received about $2.7 million from the colony. Sanofi has also entered into a Business Integrity Agreement (CIA) with the Department of Health and Human Services Office of Inspector General (HHS-OIG). In particular, the CIA requires Sanofi to implement measures to ensure that agreements and interactions with third-party patient assistance programs comply with the law. In addition, the CIA requires audits through an independent audit organization and compliance certification of business leaders and board members. Sanofi announces comparative agreements with eventual value rights (CVRs) Litigation Companies that have entered into invoices for their charitable contributions: Astellas, Amgen, Jazz, Lundbeck, Alexion, Pfizer, United Therapeutics, Actelion, Mallinckrodt and Almirall. The agent had previously entered into an agreement of November 16, 2016 with certain holders of CVR (the “Funding Holders”) which granted him, under certain conditions, funds for the continuation of the action (the “financing agreement”). In accordance with the provisions of the CVR contract and the financing agreement, prior to any distribution to all CVR holders, all proceeds from the proceeding will first be used in the reimbursement of funds of funds for their capitalized amounts, agent expenses, including legal and trust fees, and the success fees paid to Funding Holders and , for the agent, in total (half) of the legal fees incurred on a dependent basis, plus the total financing commitment of the financing holders and (b) between 20% and 27% of the gross proceeds of the litigation, depending on the total amount of the proceeds of the process (all these fees, expenses and other payments to be paid from the proceeds of the proceedings under the financing agreement) Funding Agreement Payments). After the financing contract payments, 100% of the remaining proceeds from the process are distributed by the agent to all CVR holders, in accordance with the CVR agreement. As part of this transaction, Sanofi U.S.

also entered into a Corporate Integrity Agreement (CIA) with the Office of the Inspector General of the U.S.

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