Void Agreement Meaning In Bengali

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However, a Betrothal contract is also not considered an agreement limiting marriage within the meaning of Article 26 of the Indian Contracts Act, since the fundamental difference between an agreement limiting marriage and a fiancee contract is that, in the latter case, any party excluded from the marriage, with the exception of the other , practically works to promote the marriage of the two. Unlike Section 28, where agreements are only annulled within the total limits of the judicial process, the choice of words in section 26 retains its scope in a fairly general way, with no difference between a partial or total restriction of marriage, and has been interpreted as invalidating an agreement that would render both results null and void. It should be noted, however, that a violation of Section 26 of the Indian Contract Act of 1872 was not invoked in apex Court by a partial restriction of marriage which, as part of the service contract, existed definitively before the Apex court. (ii) Any agreement that partially limits the marriage of a person other than a minor is non-immediate if, in the circumstances of this case, it is deemed inappropriate.” “26. Agreement on the limitation of the integrity of marriage in some cases: although brokerage contracts have been very popular in the country, the courts have not obtained such agreements. The court noted that “it was not a promise to marry her, but not to marry anyone, and yet she was not obliged to marry him.” The Court found the contract null and void, as it was purely restrictive and did not have a commitment to sue on both sides. According to Chitty, a contract whose purpose is to curb or prevent part of the marriage, or to deter marriage, to the extent that it makes a person uncertain whether or not he or she can marry, is contrary to public policy. However, English law does not retain agreements that partially restrict marriage by separating from Indian law as stipulated in the Indian Contracts Act of 1872. However, in general, such a service agreement is not considered a restriction at all, since there is the freedom to marry upon termination of duties.

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