Waterfront Toronto Plan Development Agreement

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If waterfront Torontos Board decides, With Quayside, the City`s review and evaluation of the proposal, in accordance with the work plan presented to the Executive Committee in June 2019 (EX 6.1), would continue, including: “Waterfront Toronto has made it clear that there are elements of the [plan] that require commitments that we are not able to make,” Toronto Waterfront spokesman Andrew Tumilty said in an email to The Globe. “In some areas, the [plan] also goes beyond what we asked for or requested in the [request]. Sidewalk Labs spokeswoman Keerthana Rang said in an email to The Globe that the decision to extend the plan and set a deadline was “common” and “a practical matter.” “The plan development agreement is based on months of successful collaboration with Waterfront Toronto. This agreement sets goals, roles and responsibilities and will guide all of our joint work if we develop an innovative plan to achieve a new level of sustainability, accessibility, mobility and economic opportunity,” added Josh Sirefman, Head of Development at Sidewalk Labs. On Wednesday, the organizations amended their development agreement to allow the Toronto Waterfront Board to terminate the agreement and relationship on October 31 if they fail to reach consensus on the scale of the project, the lead developer, government commitments and privacy and data policies. Ontario Premier Doug Ford said that by focusing Sidewalk`s plan only on the Quayside site, “we will ensure that the country is valued at a fair market price and that the privacy of the data collected on the website is preserved, a balance has been struck between protecting the interests of the people of Ontario and promoting investment, innovation and economic development.” The development has been criticized by the Premier of Ontario, data protection advocates and those wary of big tech. Google Affiliate Sidewalks Labs LLC and development agency Waterfront Toronto have reached an agreement that would allow them to scrap Sidewalks` plans for a high-tech neighbourhood in Toronto by the end of October if concerns about the project are not resolved. Waterfront Toronto is currently consulting to inform its planning. Details of these events can be found on their website. “The project does not currently meet the goals of excellence in planning, policy and/or design,” says a Waterfront Toronto voting blog post. He also noted the absence of Sidewalk`s plan as “a detailed retail strategy on Queen`s Quay” and stated that the panel was concerned about sidewalk`s proposed ground floor flexible surfaces. “The Plan Development Agreement was designed to reflect the ambitious goals and ambitions we set for Quayside when Waterfront Toronto released its PSR last year,” said Acting CEO Michael Nobrega. “One of the main objectives was to serve the public interest and lay the foundation for achieving these goals in the innovation and development master plan.

Our Board of Directors and management team took the time necessary to ensure that the agreement reflects both the enduring vision and mandate of Waterfront Toronto and the aspirations we share with Sidewalk Labs for the transformative nature of the project. The draft plan showed that Sidewalk Labs wanted to participate in the development of a land 16 times larger.

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