Whsmith Tenancy Agreement Furnished

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Scottish law is different from English law, but I don`t see why a notice of termination is issued two months before the end of the tenancy when the tenancy could easily be extended. I suggest you contact a Scottish Housing Aid, Citizens Advice or a lawyer to be upset by your position, which seems a bit uncertain to me. We consider this clause to be unacceptable and only signed the lease after consultation. Should we remove this clause and sign the agreement and ask them to contact us separately with more details about their proposed photo shoots? Would these photo shoots also be considered a commercial use of our private apartment and even if we accepted this, permission from the owners of the building would have to be obtained? Terminated by injunction on 1. In September, my wife signed a short-term lease of six months with a term until February 28, 2006. She paid 6 months` rent in advance and £865 as a deposit. On September 16, 2005, Halifax Plc obtained an interim ownership order against the property because the landlord was several months late in paying off his mortgage. On 31 October 2005, Melbourne Mortgages also received an interim ownership order against the property for the same reason. We have not received any actual feedback from the owner or his owner. In this case, a new lease confers only the same rights as the old one.

The law requires you to have a period of two months; the tenant cannot sign it immediately. Civil law requires a tenant to be modest a month in advance, but in practice there is not much a landlord can do if the tenant gets up and leaves. I`d be inclined to be handsome with notice periods – two weeks is better than nothing. We have a tenant in a property for four years with whom we have a good working relationship. He gave one month`s notice, with 12 rental days remaining. I have been renting from my current landlord for about 10 years. For the past two years, my partner has moved in and uses the address as an official address. I have only one lease and would like to move forward with this agreement, with my partner simply dividing the household bills. However, my landlord is interested in putting us on a joint lease and says that if we break up, my partner may have the rights of the squatter. It`s true? Would it not be true that a joint lease would be a greater responsibility for the landlord? Since I did not countersigned the lease, I am right when I think that the rental is now legally a periodic rental and that I can terminate two months in advance and they can terminate one month in advance? I am concerned that I did not inform tenants of the change in circumstances until after the start of the new period, until they had paid their first month`s rent at the new level. Is there a possibility that their payment of the first month`s rent could have entered into a new 12-month contract? I have been renting a property in Scotland for almost two years.

The first year I had two six-month leases, after which there was a verbal agreement with the owner, who was happy that I stayed as long as I wanted. .

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