Youth Group Agreement

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Making these decisions as a group is much more effective than having a mediator who imposes “rules” for all. In addition, citizens are much more likely to respect and implement an agreement to which they have contributed. It`s going to make your job as an intermediary a lot easier. In case of problem or conflict, you can use this agreement (for example.B. We all agreed at the beginning that it was better for one person to speak at the same time…). It is very easy to draw up a list of group agreements and treat them more like group rules. The key to an effective agreement is the effective recognition of young people. This suggests that it is important to discuss any agreement with the Group; That is, instead of saying, “OK, so we agree that respect is one of our agreements, right?” And then only the sign of acquiescence and the transition to the next agreement, in fact, in a dialogue with the group about what respect means to everyone. This will help to get everyone`s voice in space and contribute to you, the moderator, working with teenagers who might have definitions of respect that are not with the normative culture you are trying to create (an article on working with definitions of respect will come soon!). You could easily have a discussion about defining respect or turn it into a writing mission for the young people in your class. When behaviour becomes uncontrollable, the activities of the youth group suffer, children do not have fun and we get frustrated. When a large group of children meets, there always seems to be a handful that simply can`t seem to hold a lid on their actions. So how do you keep control of the group before some members of the group take control of themselves? Tomorrow we will talk about how group agreements will help manage youth behaviour.

On Thursday, we make available a work plan for socio-educational animation to establish a group agreement, so look back! Group agreements, sometimes as group norms, sometimes as group expectations and others (although less desirable, as I write below) that group rules help to establish a normative culture.

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