Thousand Trails Membership Agreement

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Existing membership. On June 30, 2002, the company had 112,000 members of the campsite. The majority of these members have been members for more than 10 years. The company`s membership base has shrunk over the past decade, although the company has managed to slow down the rate of this fluctuation. While the acquisition of Leisure Time has broadened the membership base, the company expects its membership base to continue to decline by about 4% per year, despite new sales. The company attributes this rotation primarily to its base of aging members, about 46% of whom are seniors. In addition, the company believes that subscriptions sold in recent years will have a shorter expected lifespan than the expected lifespan of subscriptions previously sold by the company. To stop the continued decline in its membership base, the company must increase its camping member sales above the current level or gain members by purchasing other membership camping organizations, such as for example. B the acquisition of Leisure Time.

A resale membership is a membership sold by an existing member and not directly by Thousand Trails. Subscriptions are transferable for a fee and subject to certain conditions. If you are interested in saving money for a Thousand Trails membership, we highly recommend that you purchase the resale. Since there are so many different memberships and the process is not very well documented, we recommend Campground Membership Outlet for resale memberships. Hello, Cliff. Hmmm yes, this link actually seems broken! I have this list somewhere, so let me see what I can dig up. If the elite isn`t within your budget, you can also consider a Platinum with the Trails Collection Add-on – that`s only $214 a year and gives you access to many of the parks still on the East Coast. Note, however, that you are limited to stays of up to 14 days at the same time and must stay outside the Trails Collection parks (Encore) for one week. This is not a restriction for Thousand Trails Parks (with an upgrade). If the most important thing is to spend time on the East Coast and stay more than 14 days and/or back-to-back reservations, then the elite is really the best option.

If it`s outside your price range, you can also consider buying a new one – it costs you more overall, but it also has advantages. a) You can get it and start the reservation immediately (no waiting for the transfer); b) you can finance it with monthly payments; c) You can sell the membership when you are done with it and maintain part of your investment. Just a thought. But overall, if you have the funds in advance for the purchase of a resale, it will be a cheaper option. Let me do it to find this list for you! Thanks Kimberly, It depends on the contract, but most resale options only have a one-year requirement. It goes from year to year. You can either sell your membership to another person or let thousand trails know you want to cancel. The company`s revenues increased by $9.4 million in fiscal 2002 compared to fiscal 2001, mainly due to higher revenues from the sale of members, camping fees managed by Trails Management, the company`s subsidiary, and the sale of assets. . . .

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