Thousand Trails Membership Agreement

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That was probably a few thousand trail sellers earning commissions on new memberships. There is no difference if you buy new or resell. The difference in benefits is listed above, but an Elite Basic resale is the same as a new Elite Basic. The Corporation`s revenues increased by $8.6 million in fiscal 2001 compared to fiscal 2000, mainly due to higher revenues from member sales, premium revenues and other campground revenues, partially offset by a decrease in other revenues. The increase in operating, selling and marketing costs in fiscal 2001 was partially offset by a decrease in interest expense due to lower debt. The Company`s revenues increased by $9.4 million in fiscal 2002 compared to fiscal 2001, mainly due to higher revenues from the sale of members, campground fees managed by Trails Management, the Company`s subsidiary, and the sale of assets. Membership sales revenue was higher because the company sold a similar number of new memberships to its existing members at a higher average selling price and a greater number of membership upgrades. The increase in campground operating costs, selling, marketing and trail management costs in fiscal 2002 was partially offset by lower general, administrative and interest expenses, as noted above. The components of the 30. The June 2002 and 2001 contracts are summarized as follows (in thousands of dollars): Can payments for Platinum, Elite or other membership be spread over a certain period of time? First of all, you should know that there are several membership options (and add-ons) of Thousand Trails. These are the regular prices published by Thousand Trails, as well as the “pricing guidelines” for the various membership upgrades.

With respect to the Corporation`s operating activities, the main sources of operating cash in fiscal 2002 were $66.2 million from operations, $7.0 million in capital and interest income from receivables from contracts and cash invested, and $2.7 million from the sale of camping memberships. The main uses of operating cash for fiscal 2002 were $43.5 million in operating expenses, $17.7 million in incorporation and marketing expenses for members, $11.7 million in administrative expenses (including general and administrative expenses and business services), $2.3 million in insurance premiums and $2.8 million in income taxes. The company`s campgrounds are also subject to a variety of federal and state environmental laws and regulations. Some campsites may have environmental issues related to underground storage tanks, wastewater treatment plants and septic tanks, as well as waste disposal. Management believes that these issues will not have a material adverse impact on the Company`s operations or financial condition, as the Company has conducted environmental testing to identify and resolve a number of these issues and has essentially removed all underground storage tanks. The Company has no insurance or indemnification agreements with respect to any environmental liability it may incur. If you want to get the best price for a new Thousand Trails subscription, contact Jim and Brady Reneau. Mille sentiers, Inc. and Consolidated operating accounts of subsidiaries (dollars and shares in thousands, excluding amounts per share) (in thousands of dollars, except amounts per share and statistical data) Do you know what the cost is of transferring an elite member of the current owner to another party? I have a friend who gives up the trip with the motorhome, and he offered me his membership for free. I`m just curious about how high the transfer fees are. We bought the Thousand Trails Elite, and in this article you mention “RPI Basic / RPI Preferred / RPI Preferred Gold reciprocal agreement for RPI annual dues”. How does it work? I can`t find any information about it anywhere, and the person I spoke to at TT didn`t know.

No – the Trails Collection parking book window is 60 days for everyone. The 180 Days RES window of the Trails Collection applies ONLY to the TT parks in your membership. Do you have multiple subscriptions and want to make sure you`re worth it? Discover our secret weapon to plan RV trips and maximize our savings with RV Trip Wizard. The Trails Collection (TC) can be added to any Thousand Trails membership level (Zone Pass, Upgrade, New or Used) at any time for one year or one game. The Trail Collection add-on can be renewed on the anniversary of your annual fee at the rate in effect at that time. If you add the Trails collection throughout the year, the price is not prorated. And it will be renewed on the anniversary of your main zone camping pass at the rate in effect at that time. jAnd is the “Elite Connections” membership above what I thought was the “Getaway” membership that allows you to use the “Getaway” cabins? Throughout the year, Thousand Trails runs special promotions – which they don`t always publish – and are often subject to change without notice. .

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